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Certified Business Manager (CBM)

The Certified Business Manager (CBM) and is a masters-level professional certification based on an MBA curriculum. In other words, the CBM is a standardized exam based on the topics covered in the majority of MBA programs. The CBM Credential validates the mastery of business management knowledge, skills, and abilities and is developed by business practitioners to meet the needs of practicing business managers. The goal is to make the CBM curriculum relevant, useful, and practical. The CBM provides a common base of knowledge required of all business managers in all functional areas employed in all industries worldwide.  
Certification Summary
Examination Papers & Topics
  • The CBM Exam consists of four parts:
    • CBM Exam Part 1 & Part 2, the Core Exam I & II, consists of the following five Learning Modules: 1) Accounting, 2) Finance, 3) Information Technology , 4) Corporate Control, Law, and Governance, and 5) International Business.
    • CBM Exam Part 3, the Integrated Exam, consists of 50 Applications, part of which are: 1) Strategic Management Analysis, 2) Managing and Leading Skills Analysis, 3) Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis, 4)  Economic Analysis, etc. 
    • CBM Exam Part 4, the Capstone Exam, consists of a written analysis of a case from Harvard Business School. Candidates will have four hours to complete the written analysis of a single case.  
  • The focus of the CBM Exam is on both hard skills (Parts 1, 2, and 3) and soft skills (Part 4). Examples of hard skills include analytical, technical/technological, mathematical/quantitative, problem solving, decision-making, deductive/inductive reasoning, and functional skills. Examples of soft skills include written/oral communication, interpersonal, qualitative (content and context analysis), implementation, listening, leadership, and teamwork skills. 


Examination Style
  • Part 1 - The Core Exam consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions
  • Part 2 - The Functional Exam consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions
  • Part 3 - The Integrated Exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions
  • Part 4 - The Capstone Exam consisting of a written analysis of a Harvard Business School case
Examination & Results Dates
The CBM Exams are held at Pearson VUE Testing Centers worldwide. Pearson VUE is a leading provider of computer-based testing and assessment services. The CBM Exams are held six times a year in the following testing windows: 
  1. February 1 to 28
  2. April 1 to 30
  3. June 1 to 30
  4. August 1 to 31
  5. October 1 to 31
  6. December 1 to 31
Examination Mode Computer-based
Areas of Specialization
  • Management
Professional Body The Association of Professionals in Business Management
Location of Incorporation United States