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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on Windows Server 2003 (MCSA )

Prove your expertise in systems administration on Windows Server operating systems by earning a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credential. This credential helps you advance your career by showing customers and employers that you have the skills necessary to successfully manage and troubleshoot network environments running on Windows server systems.

Certification Summary
Examination Papers & Topics
To earn the MCSA on Windows Server 2003 certification, you must pass four exams (in any order):
  • Two exams on networking systems
  • One exam on client operating systems
  • One elective exam
Examination Style
Microsoft generally does not identify the format of any given exam at the time of registration because candidates are expected to understand the exam content, regardless of how it is presented. This practice helps protect exam security and the value of Microsoft Certification.
Microsoft Certification exams are presented in a wide variety of question and answer formats to evaluate the candidate's knowledge and skills accurately. Such formats may include:
  • Multiple-choice, single-answer questions
  • Multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions
  • Hot area questions
  • Active screen questions
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Build list and reorder questions
  • Create a tree questions
  • Case studies
Some skills are assessed through hands-on, lab-based testing.


Examination Passing Score
All Microsoft exams are scaled such that the passing score is 700. The actual cut score (the number of items you need to answer correctly) is determined by a group of subject-matter experts. A common misperception is that you must answer 70 percent of the items correctly in order to pass the exam; however, the actual percentage varies from exam to exam and may be more or less than 70 percent, depending on the input provided by the subject-matter experts who helped us set the cut score.


Examination & Results Dates
MCSA Exam is provided around the year and results report is generated immediately after completing the exam through Prometric's software.
Examination Mode Computer-based
Areas of Specialization
  • Information Technology
Professional Body Microsoft
Location of Incorporation United States